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Petite Chalet Cabins

Conditions for models and used products

WWC is devoted to its customers‘ satisfaction regarding all of our products. Thus, WWC sells its model products at fairs and online. Besides a special price, the following conditions apply for models and used products:

  • Due to previous use, models and used products may have signs of assembly or use, such as scratches, stains and wear.
  • Due to previous use or displays on fairs, the product may differ from WWC’s original product specifications. If you are not sure of the specifications or features, please consult with one of the WWC’s representatives.
  • If the product is bought during a fair, it will be delivered after the end date of that fair.
  • The delivery time of models and used products may differ from the usual delivery times and is specified during the purchase.
  • As the models and used products may have been assembled and dissembled on multiple occasions, WWC advises to use its professional assembly services at the destination of the delivery. If you decide to use WWC’s assembly services, please let WWC know about it during the purchase of the product.
  • Models and used products may not include all minor assembly parts specified in the original package, such as screws or nails, but all the required minor assembly parts are generic and available in hardware stores. In case of uncertainty do not hesitate to contact one of WWC’s representatives.
  • Models and used products may be delivered in different packaging. Please consult WWC to know how to preserve the product before assembly to ensure that weather or other environmental factors do not damage the product before assembly.
  • WWC is not liable for changed specifications nor the resulting differences in use, practical and financial, of models and used products.
  • Models and used products may have a different warranty from original products. Please consult WWC to know, which conditions apply to your product.
  • WWC is not required to accept partial or full returns of models or used products. If you experience unexpected problems or uncertainties with your product, please contact WWC and the team will do their best to help you improve your experience.

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