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Petite Chalet Cabins

Electricity and Plumbing

Our cabins, sheds, gazebos and other structures can be upgraded by installing electricity and/or plumbing. It has become a popular trend to repurpose the larger multi-room cabin models into a kitchen and/or bathroom. Additionally, many of our cabins work superbly as a spa for a Jacuzzi and/or hot tub. If you wish to fit a Jacuzzi or hot tub into your structure, it must be fitted before the walls are constructed. Our panel cabins come prepared to have electricity installed. Please seek advice from a professional electrician and/or plumber in your community to create a customized kitchen and/or bathroom as well as for general wiring and piping for a beautifully appointed space that is highly functional.

Our Services

Petite Chalet Cabins are here to help you with those jobs that the big companies won't do, specialising in:

Small spaces, Big impact

Let us help you create your dream with an accessory dwelling unit on your property.

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