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Petite Chalet Cabins

Fenway 112 Sq.Ft

$ 4650.00

Log cabins are often rustic with a genuine feel. Their quaintness and timeless appeal provide a sense of stability and security. Fenway offers a beautifully appointed space that you can design according to your personal preferences in order to make the interior inviting and awe inspiring. As the aroma of scented candles or potpourri emanates through the air the comfort and ambiance of peace and serenity will be realized by all who enter this cozy abode. Great for entertaining, enjoying family time or catching up on some reading, writing or craft projects Fenway has a small covered porch and an interior with an open floor plan so you can make the most of the space whether for recreation, pleasure, work or solitude. Find a couple of friends and you can install Fenway quite simply and expediently with the easy to follow, step by step instructions and video demonstration. 

These do it yourself cabin kits are made from the highest quality eco friendly Nordic Spruce. These solid wood cabins can be transformed in a variety of ways to create a space that is beautifully appointed and ready for whatever you can imagine. From a pool house to a reading nook or from a studio to a man cave the options are virtually limitless. Easy to build with the assistance of a couple people in a relatively short time, detailed assembly instructions and an informational video are provided to aid in the installation process. Free Shipping!

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