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Petite Chalet Cabins

Hagan 53 Sq.Ft

$ 1650.00

The Playhouse is sold with free delivery*

Hagan is a DIY solid wood garden house on stilts with an arched roof and a short ladder that leads to a small terrace. This uniquely designed natural toned ecofriendly structure is ideal for any backyard to add appeal to the space as it provides a place to store planting equipment and outdoor furnishings. It can also be utilized as a pool house for the keeping of water floats and beach toys or it can be transformed into a playhouse for those with an imagination or into a reading room for those who like to jump into an adventure tale. The ideas that you have for Hagan can be easily implemented to add joy and good vibes to your property. 

*Free delivery and free assembly are available for select locations. Please provide your state and zip code.

Hand-crafted wooden playhouse. Exquisite craftsmanship is visible in all features, including 3 windows, 2 doors, screen windows, and various design elements. 

The Playhouse is sold with free delivery. Free Assembly depends on ZIP code. 

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