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Petite Chalet Cabins

Poconos 125 Sq.Ft

$ 2840.00

Poconos is a private garden cabin with solid wood walls and doors to protect your valuables in style. It is a perfect spot to store anything that you want to keep in a safe and secure place. You can use the space for garden tools and equipment, woodworking tools, pool equipment and even for those miscellaneous decorating items and family heirlooms that you want to keep but are not quite sure where to place in your home. Easy to assemble with the assistance of a couple friends, the simple instructional video and guide provide the step-by-step process for erecting your garden cabin. Poconos is a natural wood, ecofriendly structure that gives any landscape added appeal while it serves its storage purposes. Secure your Poconos garden cabin today and enjoy the extra space that it will afford as you utilize it for secure storage in style. 

These do it yourself solid wood sheds provide a myriad of extra storage options and look great in any outdoor setting. Whether you use the eco friendly sheds to organize garden equipment, power or hand tools, fishing tackle, pool gear and toys or supplies if you can imagine it, you can store it. These Nordic Spruce sheds are available in a wide selection of design styles that are easy to build within a relatively short time with a couple people, detailed assembly instructions and an informational video to aid in the building process. Free Shipping!

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