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Petite Chalet Cabins

Two Harbors BBQ HUT 123 Sq.Ft

$ 8950.00

The distinct scent that wafts from the grill on a warm summer afternoon signals family fun and good eats. The tantalizing sweet and smoky aromas that emanate through the blustery breezes on a crisp fall evening bring to mind bonfires, hayrides and celebratory times had with friends. Install this DIY BBQ Hut in your yard and get a taste of these simple pleasures through every season. Charming, beautifully designed, spacious yet cozy, Two Harbors is a natural solid wood BBQ Hut that a couple of friends can help you erect in a timely fashion. This do-it-yourself kit comes with easy to follow instructions and an informational video that even novices can understand. This environmentally friendly BBQ Hut is a must have log structure for meal preparation, entertainment and a fun-filled social experience with family and friends.   

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